All Black Jonah Lomu against the Wallabies in the


When Jonah got the ball, fans everywhere would sit on the edge of their seats. Kids were hushed, phones were left ringing, sausages were burned and beers were over poured. The first tackler never stood a chance. The question was rather, how many more could he carry over the line with him? Jonah was a 6ft 5inch Tongan warrior that could run 100 meters in under 11 seconds. He was the youngest ever All Black to put on the jersey and holds the record for the most tries scored in world cup history.

Fondly known as “The Big Fella” Jonah stole the hearts of so many with his gentle giant persona … however off the pitch was where he faced his greatest tests. Underscored by incredibly tragic circumstances Jonah’s life was a constant battle of adversity and inner demons which often unfolded in the public eye. This is the definitive, untold documentary on the once in generation athlete, ‘the big fella’, Jonah.

Status: In Production

A Sylver Entertainment & Tahi production

Sales: Dogwoof

Directors: Gavin FitzGerald & Vea Mafile’o

Born and bred in Dublin City, Gavin FitzGerald is an award winning director whose documentaries have screened globally on platforms such as Netflix, BBC, RTÉ, Showtime Television & ESPN. His first feature film, Conor McGregor: Notorious (2017), was one of the highest grossing Irish documentaries of all time. He then went on to direct Liam Gallagher: As It Was (2019), an all-access bio on the Oasis 'rock and roll' frontman. The film won a NME award for 'Best Music Film' and sold to Netflix. His third feature film, Million Dollar Pigeons (2022), premiered at Hot Docs in Toronto and was nominated for an IFTA. Upcoming projects include a four part docu-series, 'Stable', set inside the world of professional boxing and 'Lomu', the definitive documentary on the All-Black rugby legend, Jonah Lomu.


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