Earworm - The Bonny Men

  • Role Director/Editor
  • For Music Video
  • Date April 2020

A short film about the torment of the creative process. Visceral movement, animal imagery and wild traditional music collide producing a piece that creeps and crawls its way under the skin. The project was filmed in Poolbeg Power Station which is to be redeveloped in the near future. The desolate warehouse space suited the surreal atmosphere that was created for the piece.

This was a collaborative project between director Gavin Fitzgerald, choreographer Sibéal Davitt and the Irish traditional group, The Bonny Men. The cast featured Jade O’Connor, Emily Kilkenny Roddy, Dmitry Vinokurov and Olwyn Lyons. Dublin based production company Taller Stories produced the project with the help of a talented crew including DOP Darragh McCarthy, costume designer Ciana March who was assisted by Angela Mulhern, foley artist Eoghan McDonnell (Coconut Sound), art director James Farrell, makeup artist Nina Ayoub, hair stylist Niamh Glynn, colourist Sophia Tamburrini, JJ Rolfe who (after wrapping on a feature film) worked with Lauren Jane O’Brien and Sarah Dillon in the camera department and a special thanks to Teach Solais, Raygun, photographer Simon Walsh and everyone who helped make this project possible :)