The Million Dollar Pigeon Race

  • Role Director
  • For Feature Length Documentary (in development)
  • Date Coming soon

The Million Dollar Pigeon Race
Status: In Development

Director: Gavin Fitzgerald
Creative Producer: Ken Wardrop
Executive Producer: Andrew Freedman
Production Company: Venom Films

To some pigeon racing is a hobby. To others, it’s a religion. Whichever way they perceive it, there’s no denying the outlandish nature of the sport and the pigeon fanciers’ devotion to it. Every year in South Africa an outrageously high-staked race attracts the very best pigeons from across the globe. Competitors from the poor townships of Johannesburg compete against wealthy American businessmen and Saudi Princes for the greatest pigeon prize on the planet. The birds may connect these people but it’s the battle for the million dollars and the prestige that ultimately divides them.

Selected for Sheffield Doc Fest Meet Market

Awarded development funding by Screen Ireland